Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help make our blog grow!

Hello, Classmates!

What do you remember about our time at Whitman?
What are you doing now?
What have you been up to in between then and now?
Seen any classmates recently?
Have any interesting thoughts or ideas?
Are you doing something innovative or creative?
Is your life is mundane with nothing of note going on?  If you are bored, share it!
Do you have a photo to share?
Anything make you cranky?
Have you changed, stayed the same, or a bit of both?

This blog was set up for us to connect with each other.  There are no restrictions on what you can post.  Everyone who asks to join will be added.  Send me an email at and you will be added as an author.  Ideally, the entire class will participate and it will flourish with your participation.  Or wither and die if you don't.

This is your blog, help make it grow.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Whitman 1971 Facebook Page

Several class members have set up a Facebook page with the goal of including everyone.  The link is:!/groups/Whitman1971/  Join the fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you, Lesley

This blog exists because of Lesley Johnson Farmer.   At our 40th Reunion Saturday night dinner, we had an open mike session.  Mostly we shared stories of way back when.  When Lesley took the mike, she pointed out the obvious: that we have a lot to share, we revel in sharing with each other, so we really ought to have Class of '71 blog to archive our collective experiences.

Being the recipient of a liberal arts education in the New England tradition, I know how to spot a good idea and run with it.  Lesley's suggestion of a class blog was excellent and I have volunteered to put it into action. 

The Whitman Class of 1971 blog is intended to be open to all members and friends of our class.  Postings will be welcome from everyone.  See how to join the blog at the top of the page.  If you want to just read and comment, you can do so without joining, but you will need to join to post.  I hope you do.

Most of us have scattered since we graduated.  Much has happened over the past 40 years.  Reminisces are wonderful; I look forward to reading yours.  I also look forward to reading about your current lives, too.  Any creative output is welcome:  prose, photos, and poetry are a beginning.  What will you add?

My high school's motto was, "What I am to be, I am now becoming."  Where were you headed?  What have you become?

Carolyn Dvorak Nielsen